Welcome to Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism



The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, acting under the authority of the Galmudug State
[ The Ministers], is responsible to build and maintain public information and communications/
broadcasting infrastructure and Programs with improved access to facilitate reliable information-sharing
and outreach to citizenry on governance, security and reconciliation issues. It shall promote tourism,
integrative culture and preservation of state heritage.

1.0. With respect to Information the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism shall:
a) Provide efficient and cost-effective Information & Communications Technology services.
b) Conduct research, and practical assessments on local information and media sectors In
c) Provide policy guidelines and coordinate key information and media development activities
within GSS.
d) Provide information through Radio, Television, Publications and other media Technology
e) Collect and preserve public and non-public records with enduring value for use by the
public and government regardless of format.
f) Provision of advice and direction on regional communication policies, licensing regimes and
regulatory frameworks designed to support the socio economic and well-being of Galmudug
g) Facilitate the establishment of gender sensitive policy and legal frameworks supporting
independent and pluralistic media.
h) Build capacities of the media of both professionals and media outlets
i) Promote lifelong learning
j) Promote e-literacy and ICT incubator programs.
1.1. With respect to Culture the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism shall:
a) Engage in cultural heritage preservation and development and establish state museum
b) Facilitate the Development of Information and Film content
c) Lobby for international partners, INGOs and national NGOs to engage in respective cultural
heritage programs.
d) Reach out to FGS authorities dealing with national cultural heritage and wildlife
1.2. With respect to Tourism the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism shall:
a) Establish long-term strategies and policies for development of tourism
b) Promote tourism within safe zones
c) Identify touristic sites and create state zoo as community project
d) Perform additional duties and responsibilities as required by the GSS development plan
and changing or emerging circumstances