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The Planning & International Relation department is responsible for development of plans for the Ministry; relations with federal states on media and other foreign stakeholders; public and media communications. Planning & International Relation department works with the MOI directors of Departments to establish plans and goals for each department. They set objectives, assign tasks, allocate and agree to timetables for achieving intermediate and overall goals. They also set review dates to ensure that plans remain on target. To obtain the information they need to coordinate and monitor progress across all departments, Planning & International Relation department will establish a formal reporting structure.

The Planning & International Relation department is responsible for the following among others:

  1. Contribute to the strategic, technical and operational management of the plans so as to ensure consistency and quality in program implementation.
  2. Developing and implementing a strategic plan for the Ministry, in collaboration with the relevant authorities and administrative departments.
  3. Resolving any issues encountered during implementation of the strategic and executive plans.
  4. Developing evaluation tools measuring corporate performance to ensure service quality in the administrative departments is met.
  5. Liaise with the ministries of information of federal states
  6. Raising awareness of the Ministry’s responsibilities and activities through campaigns, press release, website and social media updates;
  7. Monitoring media coverage, presenting to officials and drafting replies when needed;
  8. Development of the plans for the respective program area, with annual review of needs for changes, based on ongoing context analysis and results of annual plan review:
  9. Annual planning for the program area, with the corresponding annual program area budget, as an input to the Country Annual Plan (CAP).