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Public Relations & Regional State.

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It is a platforms chanel for dialogue: between political institutions, civil society groups and communities

to accountability through advocating for platforms for dialogues between political institutions, civil society groups and communities where the voiceless have a chance to participate in creating a just society for all.


Create an enabling environment for sustained growth of media, entertain, Culture and Integration among all the Somali Community.


· Expanding and enriching service learning opportunities for the community who are living in the State.

· Promoting cultural awareness and peace exhibition and folklores and social consciousness among all Federal State Members

· Providing outreach opportunities and making lasting connections between the Community and the Government

· Stronger focus on private media Group operation in the Federal Member States as to enhance their capacities by providing them Capacity Building for proper orientation of the Somali People in General.

· To create basic communication between Federal Ministry and emerging Federal Member States (FMS).

Core Values

· Respect:

We adhere to respect the values and cultures of all our stakeholders whose participation in our decision making process is of high importance.

· Integrity:

We behave in compliance with our mission, being honest and transparent in our activities.

· Voluntary service:

We participate in our activities with a commitment not prompted in any manner by desire for gain.

· Transparency & Accountability:

We always remain accountable to our stakeholders by giving appropriate and timely feedback and transparent in our activities.

· Commitment:

We collectively serve the community by being effective and efficient in our activities.


· Coordination all among Federal State Members

Cultural Awareness and Community Integration
Creating Youth Advisory Group
Participation in determining the future of society through public debate

The MOI’s philosophy is fostering coordination between the State and the federal State Members and access to credible information while at the same time working with other key stakeholders to work towards a just society through the creation of avenues that contribute towards media professionalism.

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